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Sometimes things just happen. While driving down a country road, a barn I had seen a hundred times but never really looked at, spoke to me. I know that sounds crazy, but it is true.

Within a few minutes I had found the owner, bought that barn and then 3 more. During the following year I bought many more. I learned the differences in the types of lumber, as well as measuring, culling and grading and much more about this new endeavor. Then one day an idea was born. What if could learn to build furniture with this treasure I had found. Luck was with me. A friend said I could use his shop and he was also willing to share hisknowledge with me. After a few months I was able to borrow money and set up my own shop where I surrounded myself with people who knew all about the tools and wood working. For about three years I listened and watched and basically did what I was told. It was a great apprenticeship. This education gave me the ability to give these fine old boards a second chance. They stood against man and the elements for over 100 years, and now they would go on in someone’s home as a table, dresser or maybe a corner cupboard. My hope was to have people excited to own these pieces of furniture, cherish them over the years, and then pass them on to future generations. We did what the customer wanted done. IDEAS = REALITY became our motto. Stripping and refinishing became part of the business early on and I found it was just as satisfying to give new life to pieces that had been forgotten, abused or damaged to the extent that nobody else would touch them. You can see from my before and after pictures some of the grand pieces I have had the privilege to work on and help save. That piece of furniture stored in the garage or handed down as an old family piece can be a beautiful treasure waiting for some attention. If while walking through a store you spot something that is just the right piece, but is broken, falling apart or even the wrong color, call me. If you have a need for that one of kind coffee table, dining room table, entertainment unit, or upholstered head board that you just can’t seem to find, call me. Look at the pictures and see for yourself what is possible. There are examples of before and after that might encourage you to take a second look at something you have and use your imagination.


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